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Single Spindle header Tube/Pipe Drilling and Milling Machine


 for heat exchanger or boiler


1. Automatic drilling operation allows for equal or unequal hole distance

2. Three kinds Controller for choice: CNC / NC / PLC control. It can drill any angle on the tube.

3. Touch - Sensing Screen

4. Allows for a selection of manual or automatic drilling mode

5. Forced oil mist lubrication

6. Allows for multiple settings, maximum memory capacity : 99 sets

7. Drilling head can be controlled by Hydraulic System or Servo System

8. Hydraulic work piece clamping is available

9. Drilling holes on the Tube/Pipe

10. With Multiple-Shaft Controller

11. With Servo Motor to feed

12. Automatically, Precision Location, High Efficiency and Easy Operation

13. It is available for each aluminum material - short - scale multiple processing & long - scale processing.

14. Choice of working lengths: 3.5,4.5,5.5 and 6 meters. (Longer Length is welcome)

15. Traveling column features highs positioning accuracy.

16. The column longitudinal traverse is driven through servomotor combined with gear/rack transmission.

17. Three axes travels and driven by servomotors.

18. High precisions linear guide ways on three axes assure fast and smooth movements.

19. 12-tool magazine is standards equipment.

20. Pneumatic Clamps for workpieces. (Hydraulic clamps are option)

21. Movable chips are equipped at the bottom of the machine. providing convenient chip handling.

22. TURRET TYPE MAGAZINE ( optional ):

     -The turret type magazine employs armless tool Charge. 0i-directional, random tool selection increases tool change speed.
     -The turret accommodates BT40 taper of cutting tool Standard loading capacity is 12 tools.
     -10-tools magazine is optional.  ( optional )

23. OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT: Cutting tools ¡BController ¡BSpindle cooler ¡BHeat exchanger for control cabinet ¡BHeavy duty hydraulic clamp (vise) ¡BExtra powerful vise ¡B4th axis machining ¡BSafety screen ¡BTool length measuring device ¡BMoveable clamp carriage ¡BPneumatic stop plate ¡BSafety guard (for cutter) ¡BInfrared ray safety sensor ¡BHidden type elevation safety guard ¡BAutomatic chip conveyor

24.Boiler Header CNC Drilling Machine With Automatic Hole Drilling Positioning


Machine type :Vertical Type

Max. Tube Length: 3000mm

Max. Tube Dia.: 150mm

Max. Tube Thickness.: 10mm

Spindle Type: BT50-ER40 => Hole Diameter: 4~26mm

Servo Motor Control System for X-Axis and Rotation-Axis


This header tube drilling machine is mainly used to drill tube holes on header tube which used for boiler industry and heating exchanger industry.


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