What quality means to us ?

  • Quality is not a program, is our approach to doing business with responsibility and commitment
  • Quality means a collection of powerful tools and concepts to ensure our customer satisfaction
  • Quality includes continuous improvement and breakthrough developments and creations
  • Quality tools and techniques are applicable to every aspect of our business
  • Quality is aimed at excellence; anything else is an improvement opportunity
  • Quality increases customer satisfaction, reduces cycle times and cost, and eliminates rework
  • Quality is not just for business, it is a part of our human life and behavior and it shows through our work results with pride in our team work and rewarding results for all 


Our quality system is the backbone of our working philosophy!. Without being able to guarantee our customers the quality on which our products, service and communications stand we know we wont get far in our objective to become one of your most trustworthy suppliers. To meet and exceed your expectations, we have decided to embrace quality standards and proven systems to secure the conformance of our products to your exact specifications. As a company policy, we have done good in our corporate group in a variety of businesses when implementing and maintaining ISO-9000 Quality Systems. We feel pride when we say that we stand  for quality and perfection. We  want to see our company as an institution of quality, where new and existing workers fell pride in what they do and challenge themselves to become better and better each time.

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To ensure the quality of our products we have trained staff in the latest inspection techniques applicable to raw materials (incoming inspections), in-process inspection and auditing where we implement statistical techniques (SPC) to control the work-in-process and final inspections based on industry standards established procedures. We have a group of quality engineers and auditors who work in documented procedures developing prints, specifications for inspection and quality plans when applicable to make certain manufacturing procedures are adhered to based on predefined engineering standards and test methods. All these requires skills, knowledge and criteria that our quality people have acquired over the years working for demanding industries in the manufacturing for exports business.

Applicable Quality Techniques Available:

  • Raw materials incoming inspection
  • Sampling methods, AQL, C=0 standard
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) 
  • In-process quality inspection using various quality tools such as: control charts, histograms and standard deviation analysis.
  • Out going inspection with 100% or AQL inspection levels, lot certification and data submission to customer if required.
  • Process Capability Analysis, Cp and Cpk
  • Control Plans
  • Parts per million (PPM) inspection criteria 
  • Continuous improvement tools, 8D problem solving analysis method
  • Failure Mode and Experiment Analysis (FMEA)
  • Design of Experiments (DOE)
  • Documented procedures and records for history and traceability

As indicated, as a company policy, we are to embrace international quality systems and plan to become ISO-9000 certified in a reasonable period of time.


Quality Policy

To pursue a quality continuous improvement is the goal of the company, it is also the commitment to the customers. We promise that the company will take a positive and cooperative approach to resolve the quality issues, and will deal with it as the challenge toward the excellence of company quality.
We understand that the quality is the backbone of the company success, and it is the power of the company future growth. Also we understand that the quality is the core to fulfill the customer service satisfaction, and it is the keystone to develop the customer partnership. Therefore, the company will make no compromise to the quality of our products and services.
It is our belief that the quality will not add cost to a product, but it should reduce the overall costs of ownership. The quality will increase the product competitiveness at the customer end.
We will devote our up-most efforts to on-going quality improvement, and aims to offer the customers with full confidence that buying the products from us has the best reliability in the industry.

Our Quality Performance & Assurance

Our product quality is built in from the design phase; the quality engineer and manufacturing engineer are involved in evaluating the quality, reliability, and manufacturing feasibility of the product being developed.
From the component sourcing, incoming, storage, on line production, final assembly and burn-in tests are conducted under strictly tests throughout every phases of production for ensuring a satisfactory product performance and quality reliability.
Our factory is ISO certified approval. A common and measurement technique and system is applied to control all the product production
in compliance to the standard and requirement.
Prior to customer's order shipment ex factory, furthermore, an outgoing quality control test is performed to ensure for a zero quality defect at customer end.