1. Pool Fencing:

- Bed, Furniture


- Display stand

- Truck body builders


- Metalworking industries manufacturing for  Automotive Manufacturing

- Rectangle Mild steel punched straight through the tube with minimal deformation

- Scaffolding (Ring Lock & CUP Lock, Tours, Frame Systems, Table type, Props,   Accessories)

- Gas Stove

- Electronic Displays

- Resorts & Casinos

- Power energy and electrical wire distribution

- Outdoor Media and Repairs & Maintenance

- Racking and Shelving and base of your Custom Signs

- High volume and different purpose punching for Rectangle Tube/Round Tube/Circle Tube/Square Tube/Ellipse Tube/Perforation and much more......


Metal Scaffolding Making Forming Machine


2. Electricity Tower/Electricity Pole/Electrical Tower/BTS Tower/Transmission Tower Structural Members Manufacturing Plant


 3. Distributor; Power Panel; Switchboard; Distribution Board

4. Lighting Pole

 5. Stainless Steel Windows, Aluminum Windows


 6. Ladders

7. Racking and Shelving  Systems



- Cookers

- Gas hobs,

- Gas ovens,

- Gas burners

- Electric hobs

- Electric ovens

- Grills & Smokers

- Grill, grille, grills, Gas BBQ Grills

- Bbq, bbq grill, bbq grilles, bbq grilling

- Bbq grills, gas bbq, gas bbq grills

- Spicy hot pots

- Water dispensers

- Induction Cookers

- Gas water heaters

- Sterilizing cupboards

- Sterilizing cupboards

- Gas Stove, Gas stoves

- Soybean milk machines

- Range hood, Range hoods

- Utensils

- Dustbins

- Dishwares

- Barbecues 

- Gas Cookers

- Rice Cookers

- Grills & Smokers

- Integrated kitchens

- Induction Cookers

- Eextractor fans, electric Cookers

Fuel rails and components
Brake tubings
Power steering tubings
Pollution control (lade sensor)
Air conditioning charge ports
Cooling tubes
Air conditioning heat exchanger
Intake and exhaust manifolds
Heat exchanger manifolds
Heat recovery systems
Cooling tubes for refrigerators
Washing machines
"U" bends
Radiant Heating
Solar systems
Heat pumps Heating elements, boiler tubes
T-fittings [Butt-welded joints]
Flanges [flanging]
Copper fitting


Commercial Shipyards [collaring] [flanging]
Naval Shipbuilding - Surface vessels [collaring] [flanging]
Naval Shipbuilding - Submarines [collaring] [flanging]
Marine engines [collaring] [flanging]
Heat exchangers [collaring] [flanging]

Stainless Steel Pipe Fabrication
A. Industrial projects:
Dairy Industrial projects [collaring] [flanging]
Food Processing Industry, breweries [collaring] [flanging]
Paper and pulp Industries [collaring] [flanging]
Chemical Industries [collaring] [flanging]
Pharmaceutical [collaring] [flanging]
Water treatment, desalination, sewer plants [collaring] [flanging]
Switchgear Housing (SF-6 Gas Insulated gear) [collaring]
Reverse Osmosis [collaring] [flanging]
Filtration, Ultra-filtration [collaring]
UV Disinfection [collaring]
Pump Skids [collaring]
Dairy equipment [collaring] [flanging]
Food processing equipment [collaring] [flanging]
Paper and pulp processes [collaring] [flanging]
Vacuum apparatus [collaring] [flanging]
Filters [collaring] [flanging]
Transportation industry (exhaust systems) [collaring] [flanging]
St. Steel fittings manufacturing [collaring] [flanging]
Refrigeration systems (Oil coolers) [collaring] [flanging]
Fertilizer industry (mixing silos, etc.) [collaring] [flanging]
Furniture manufacturing [collaring] [flanging]

Construction of Buildings
Pre-fabricated piping for buildings with several stories.

This system is used by Japanese and South-Korean construction companies for last 10 years.

When do Europe and US firms finds the advantages of this? [TEE-Forming] [Flanging]