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We make the U Bolt Making Forming Machine (Full Automatic Production Line), Double end studs Making Forming Machine, SCREWS and Special-Purpose Hardware Processing Machines / Secondary process machine to Create a New Perspective for the Hardware Industry.


u bolt making and nut assembly machine




stud making marking and

 nut assembly and packaging system



bar stud bolt diameter reducing machine /

bar necking machine / pipe necking machine /

tube necking machine




stud bar chamfering and marking

/ dual sides chamfering machine



nut insert to tube pipe machine

(nut and tube assembly machine)


screw nut bolt washer assembly machine




auto multi spindles special tapping machine

and packaging system

 for metal parts / bar / stud / bolt / screw /  tube




bar end /stud /bolt /tube end

slotting grooving cutting machine

auto multi spindles nut tapping machine

  • self tapping screw
  • machine screw

  • hex nut

  • spring lock washer

  • screw (all kinds of allen, hexagonal in varying, steels, ropes and measures)

  • nuts

  • screw (all types of plugs in various entries, ropes, steel and measures)

  • heavy hex nuts ASTM A194 2H

  • hex Structural bolts A325

  • shear connectors

  • self-drilling screws

  • washer (flat, spring lock, F436) 

  • hexagonal w

  • stainless steel products (Hexagon head bolts, hexagon socket head)

  • allen (hexagon socket head, cap screws)

  • hex nut (hex, locknut, t nut wing nut)

  • tapping screws (flat head phillips, pan head, dry wall, klat)

  • retaining rings (for shafts, for bores, washers for shafts)
  • screw for metal sheet

  • nut (G2 y 2H)

  • hexagonal screw (G2 y A325)  

  • all kinds of screws

  • heavy square nuts

  • pressure washer

  • washer area

  • Anchors

  • Nut setters

  • Bit tips

    Steel Nails


    Brass Nails

    Galvanized Iron Nails



We are specialized in various processing machines for making: Tool Bit, Screwdriver Bit, Special Designed Bolts & Nuts, Rod Bar of Auto Part, Industrial Use Metal Parts..... Custom machine base with CNC controller: C type and double-column type.


We ALSO are profession in manufacturing the machine for fastener production and special designed machine for secondary process and automation purpose in connected steel and pipe/tube filed. We have sold over 14500 sets machines to worldwide. The good quality reputation helps us to grow up stably. Always stand in customer's side to build up the most economic and high efficient machine. Take care every small point. Machines are seriously inspected and tested before shipping. Design is according to "CE" standard. Manufacturing, sourcing, supply and technical support from one source. Save your time and money.

Our products enhance the CNC caliber of hand-tool manufacturers and users, and help them take on virtually endless processing jobs.
Functions: Handles spot, linear, planar, arc, and special-shape processing.................

Designed for players who provide drilling, tapping, riveting, welding, glue dispensing and assembly services. The extensive range of products include CNC Lathe Screwdriver Machine, Milling Screwdriver Machinery, Auxiliary Screwdriver Machine, Lathe Special Machine, Milling Special Machinery, Auxiliary Special Machine, CNC Lathe Machinery....... including:


(30) Screw Machine / Thread rolling machine / Sems assembly machine / Self-drilling screw making machine / Shank slotting machine


(31) EPDM washer assembly machine

(32) Nut tapping machine: 2 spindle nut tapping machine for round nut, square nut, non-standard hex nut or special nut.

(33) Wire straightening & Cutting machine

(34) Bar & Bolt straightening machine

(35) Fastener toolings

(36) Machined and turning parts/ SEMS Screw/ Self-drilling screw

29) Automatic Screw Making/Assembling Machine

We also produce the Automatic Screw Making/Assembling Machine combine with CCD (Charge Coupled Device) Auto-Vision Inspection/Sorting System to recognize the N.G. products (fail products) for special purpose applications. Our Automatic Screw Making/Assembling Machines are including the following functions:
29-1) Inspect the different screw heads (size, shape, logo on the head surface.....), and length & screw pitch....... . the inspection capacity is above 500 pieces/minute.
29-2) Fully Automatic Assembling for screw + washer and screw + rubber ring/ plastic ring + stainless steel covers (for outdoor using, to prevent rust). This Machine is AUTOMATIC, and the production capacity is above 200~600 pieces/minute.
29-3) All series Automatic Screw/Connectors Making/Assembling Machines. If you have any inquiry regarding the Screw/Connectors, please advise us freely.


Based on more than 30 years experience, we are supplying the advanced and effective machines, to process for the precise and fast mass production. Our customers are worldwide now.

We are always provide the quality machines to meet customers' requirement with reasonable price, and in time delivery. Any special designs and comments are welcome, please contact us for details.

1) Turning, Tapping, Milling, & Drilling machine, Key Making Machine
2) Special Designed Multi-Sides Processing Machine
3) Grooving, Secondary Processing Machine, etc..

4) Stud Welding Machine

5) Robot Automatic Machine

6) Assembly Automation Systems, Robot Automation & Mechanical Handling Equipment & Assembly System and Automatic Machine

7) Tool Bit Processing Machine, Bolt, Nut Processing Machine, Tapping, Turning, Milling, Drilling Machines

8) BIT, Screwdriver Producing Line, BIT Whole-Plant Machines (Typewriter, Screwdriver BIT Forming Machine ,Turning Machine ,Drilling Machine)

9) Expanded Screw Producing Line, Expansion Screw Machines

10) Hexagon Wrench Machines, Hexagonal Stock Producing Line, Ball Machine ,Type Bend Machine

11) Car, Motorcycle, Knitter, Hardware Screw Lock, Hand-Tool Component, Cutting, Milling And Drilling Automatic Equipments.

12) Special Standard Twice Processing Machine
13) Multi-Face Turning Machine
14) Tie-Rod-End Processing Machine

15) Nut Groove-Milling Machine

16) Screwdriver Making Machines

17) Two-Side Processing Machine
18) Tapping Machine ,Anchor Grooving Machine
19) Deep-Hole Drill-Processing Machines

20) Disc Type Gear-End Deburring Machines

21) 4-Spindle Deep-Hole Drilling Machine

22) Letter Roll Imprinting Machine

23) Traditional Screwdriver Making Machine (Double ended/Single Ended)


24) CNC Multipurpose Screwdriver Making Processing Machine (Double ended/Single Ended) Patented


Designed for one-cycle single/double-sided processing of screwdrivers, bits, and L-handle wrenches. Make multi-products in the same machine.

Functions: Workpieces==>Turning==>Slotting==>Letter Imprinting==>Wing==>Shaping==>L-Shaping==>One-Cycle Single/Double-Sided Processing

1. One features multifunction, saving labor, and processing space and time.
2. Handles processing of small-volume, large-variety high-grade products.
3. Stable processing quality, easy to operate even for novice operators.

25) High-Performance CNC Automatic Lathe Series
Models: Standard, economy, special-purpose and OEM models; designed for processing various small and large hardware items.

26) Table-top Lathe
Models: C-axis-controlled models, human-machine-interfaced models, and NC/hydraulic/pneumatic/semiautomatic/automatic models.
Designed for processing irregularly-shaped workpieces and hardware items in small or large quantities.

27) NC/CNC Drilling & Milling Machine (with index device)
Designed for manufacturers of quick connectors, locks, and self-lubricating bearings.

28) Letter Roll-Imprinting Machine
Designed for manufacturers of bathroom fittings, electronics, electrical engineering products, hardware items, and bearings.


29) Screw & Nut Painting Coating Machine Systems / Compact automatic surface spraying system


30) Screw & Nut Packaging / Packing Machine





Hand Tool Bits Making Machine:
Universal-multi turning machine is qualified to process various hand tool bits making, by fast and Mass production.

Groove-milling Machine

Screwdriver Bit Making Machine:
Including: Groove-milling machine, turning machine, etc. We supply the completed whole plant processing machines, designed or OEM required by your need.

Metallic Processing Machinery

Special-Purpose Machine:
2-side processing machine are designed for special requirement for metal processing. Special purpose machines include 2-side processing machine, horizontal deep-hole drilling machine, copy machine, Nut groove milling machines, etc. For special nut, bolt, Auto part, industrial part, etc.

wire mesh machine, wire mesh welding machine, wire forming machines, mesh welders, flash butt welding machines, micro computer weld controls, air pressure seam welding machine and so on.


                                                                                                                            Clinch Machine

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