Automatic Fin Making Forming Machine / Auto Former line (for Plate Fin Heat Exchanger / Plate Fin Heating Exchanger / Outer fin and Inner Fin), Fluid Power Accessories, Hydraulics

Likest Corporation
CisFun Technology Corp.

  1. Turbulator Heat Exchanger (Turbulator Heat Transfer) of Oil Cooler,
  2. Water Cooler,
  3. cooling radiator;
  4. radiator cooling system;automative radiator;
  5. Automotive Radiators and Cooling Systems


  1. Fin Height: 2.00-10.00 mm
  2. Maximum Material Width: 300 mm
  3. Speed : 70 stroke per minute (depends on the pitch
Fin-1 Fin-2 Fin-3
Fin-4 Fin-5 @