Dual-Sucker Stone Drill    Catalogues/Specifications online



Core Bits/Drill Diameter

Drilling Depth



CFW380 Center Injection High-Speed Single Sucker Drilling Machine

Specifically designed for plastic bolts of 6/8/10/12mm
The best choice to install implements such as bathroom &window works. more

6-12mm 30mm


CF-CO20 Vacuum sucker back bolt center injection reaming machine

Dry type installation of external wall.

Designed for back bolts.
Fit imported specification of patented back bolted drill bit 8/10/12/14mm back bolted drill bit. more


8-12mm 16mm 12000 14.2kgs
    CF-CO30 Vacuum Sucker Side-Drilling Machine

The best machine for dry type installation on exterior wall.
CO-3 can position accurately with fixed ruler
High mobility with portable water bucket. more

-- 11kgs
Economic Model

CF2100H Dual-Sucker Stone Drill Of Frame

6mm~90mm 90mm 750 10kgs

Professional Model

CF32000 Dual-sucker Stone Drill

Revolving axis is capable of drilling at 360-degree at various locations
Witch sucker fixture on stone, drilling is fast without damaging the stone
Drilling is finished with a little water supply. make a faucet hole according to the customer 's measurements

super Heavy  Models

CF33000 Sucker Stone Drill

6mm~160mm 160mm 11kgs