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Flange punching Machine  CF120-50D

¡¹Max Flange Diameter : 120 inch (3000 mm)


¡¹Flange Diameter Range :  14 to 120 inch (355 mm ~3000 mm)

¡¹Flange Thickness: 1/2" (or 12.7mm) Maximum for Stainless Steel (Maximum Shear strength: 55KG/mm2) and Mild Steel (Maximum Shear strength: 45KG/mm2).

¡¹Ellipse Hole Size (Maximum): 0.935 x 0.690¡¨ (23.749 mm X 17.526 mm)

¡¹Special Design Punching Head Adjustment by Ball Screw (£p45mm) for displacement (moving distance) * 2 sets : 1400mm

¡¹Punching Capacity : 50 Tons

¡¹Application:  338 flange , 129 flange , 4x3x3/8 angle iron ( angle steel) equal or unequal side flange

¡¹Punching hole quantity :  360¢X rotary any location

¡¹Hydraulic System: 20HP6P * 2sets (Taiwan)

¡¹Working Processing : loading workpiece¡X¡Xclamp ¡X¡Xpunching pin feeding ¡X¡X punching hole¡X¡Xrotary¡X¡Xpunching hole¡X¡Xloose clip¡X¡Xfinish



¡¹  TFT human machine interface display ,touch controllable screen setting, digital control systems, servo motor position dimension precision, attached with modular memory function.

¡¹  Operational Function: Jogging/Automatic Functions

¡¹  Oil Hydraulic System :Step-less operation pressure adjustment ,hydraulic loops designed with zero load ,stable pressure output ,combined with oil pump motors with extremely low frequency, increased motor efficiency and service duration

¡¹  The clamping motor is designed with sufficient clamping power. The machine is equipped with the coding device to control the clamping operation depending on diameters of work  pieces with high stability and well secured fixture of work pieces

¡¹  Electrical Control System: it is designed with  human machine interface ,angular dials, and adjustable puncturing rod highly precise Japan-made servo motors to assure of accurate and convenient operation .

¡¹  Diameter ,Orifice counts, Orifice interval program setup simple ,high  efficiency processing.

¡¹  round flange punching machine.

¡¹  Hydraulic Flange Hole Punching/Puncturing Machine.

¡¹  Punching of holes for pipes on request

¡¹  Flanging-punching Machines: Number of holes and punching pitch customized and programmable, Fully automated work cycle.

NC Digital Circular Oil Hydraulic Hole Punching Unit Machine CF1200

¡¹  ( Option ) Shielding: It is equipped with a set of safety guards.

¡¹Flange Diameter Range :  22"~120" or 14"~120" puncturing

¡¹Flange Thickness: 1.5"& 2", 2.5~6mm iron ,stainless steel, equilateral or unequal-lateral flange

¡¹ Puncturing Capability :Orifice Diameter Diameter 3/8"~½ (0.5)"OB, Orificie (Punching Hole) counts :2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9¡K¡K360


Flange Making Machine

Flange Forming Machine/Corner Iron Making Machine/Angle Steel Making Machine / Angle Iron Ring Forming Making Machine


Round  flange punching machine and Round flange forming machine is in cooperation with the production, it's used for punching screw holes.