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scaffolding walk board machine

Scaffolding Steel Plank

Finished samples:




1) Galvanized Steel Walk Board Scaffolding Planks Roll Forming Machine

2) Metal plank walking board making machine

3) Suitable Material thickness: 1.5 mm to 2.0 mm

4) Suitable coil material: Carbon/Galvanized Steel

5) Material Yield Strength: 235~350 MPa

6) Scaffolding machinery engineers roll forming machines for a wide range of scaffolding products.

7) From standard to customized designs, each scaffolding roll former is built to produce high quality, high through-put planks.

8) Machine Size : 14m(L)*2.3m(W)*1.4m(H)

9) Gross weight : about 18000kg

Working process:

uncoiler (material feeding)   è feeding  è  forming  è punching  ècutting

Composition of production line

UncoileríPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíP1 unit

Roll Forming machineíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíP1 unit

Punching MachineíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíP 1 unit

Hydraulic Cutting SystemíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíP 1 unit

Control panelíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíP1 unit

Hydraulic SystemíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíP1 unit

Run out rackíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíPíP1 unit    


scaffolding cross brace making machine

Finished samples:



1) Scaffolding Cross Brace Hydraulic Press-forming and Punching Machine adopts PLC control to realize the length fixing, flattening and punching of the steel pipe at the same time. It ensures high efficiency and accuracy.

2) The equipment is designed to automatically flatten and punch scaffolding cross brace.

3) Galvanized Scaffolding Cross Braces for Frame System

4) Galvanized Tube Cross Brace for Scaffolding

5) Fully Automatic Shorebrace Spigot and the Bracing Making Machine (with Full Automatic Loading + Unloading SYSTEM)

6) Scaffolding punch hole cross braces are used to connect 2 frames. 

Application :

Scaffolding metal plank manufacturer, metal plank, catwalk, monkey ladder, staircase.


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