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steel bar diameter reducing machine


Bar Drawing Machine


1.   Suitable Bar Diameter (Range): p12~ p25 mm and p22~ p36 mm

2.   Reducing Length: 50~200mm

3.   Horsepower:30 HP

4.   Suitable Bar Material: Mild steel

5.   Hydraulic Motor : 30 HP /6L * 1 set

6.   Pump: hydraulic pump * 2 sets

7.   Hydraulic Cylinder :200mm, stroke 300 mm 1 set ( for reducing the Bar)

8.   Hydraulic Cylinder :125mm, stroke 100 mm 1 set ( for clamping mold)

9.   Hydraulic system: * 1 set

10.  Heavy-duty Slide Base * 1 set

11.  Processing Time: about 20 seconds (to reduce the bar diameter from 22 mm to 20.1 mm ; reducing length: 200mm )

12.  Suitable Bar Length [The original Steel bar LENGTH (Before Reducing)]: 500~2000 mm

13.  C-type Frame Machine Structure*1set

14.  With 1 set of Standard Mold : clamping mold *1, tungsten steel mold *1 set

15. There will be a center line GROOVE (7*20mm) by milling on the machines fixing base, so the left side and right side will not move and deviate.

16.  The main hydraulic cylinder:200mm, stroke 300 mm. It has added the Pressure switch and pressure gauge to control the pressure whether to achieve the setting pressure. If the pump broken and oil seal has worn, the wrong pressure will be showed on the pressure gauge.

17. Electrical Control box : PLC Type *1 set

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Suitable Bar Diameter (Range):  p6mm~p22mm


Suitable Bar Diameter (Range): p25mm~p64mm

Application :

-bolt, screw, fastener, stud

-torque wrench

-torque spanner

-grab handles

-guard rails

-structural supports and braces

Video :


Hydraulic steel rod shrinking machine for diameter reducing

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