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Supermarket shelf panel Punching press forming machine

Suitable : Panels, Decking panels for SUPER MARKET RACKS, Heavy Duty Racks, PIGEON HOLE RACKS, departmental store racks, Pigeon hole racks, pallet rack, steel angle shelving, boltless shelving, cantilever rack.

Supermarket shelf panel roll forming machine

Suitable for Racking / Supermarket / Displaying Shelves Panels, Decking Panels

Angle Steel Rack Upright Shelving Panel Roll Forming Machine


Suitable for Slotted Angles, Panels, Decking panels,


Our Shelvings Roll Forming Line ( Storage Upright Rack Roll Forming Machine,Shelve Panel / Rack Panel Making Machine, Shelvings Rack Post Making Machine, Shelves Panel Roll Forming Machine, Supermarket Storage Rack Panel Roll Forming Machine, Rack Panel Roll Forming Machine) is a kind of roll forming machine for making shelf panel and Upright Pallet Rack fully automatic.

The machine is composed by the following elements: coiler, guide frame, lever/feeding section, continuous bottom hole punching section, forming section, positioning and cutting section, collection table and electrical control system etc.

For the adjustable size shelf picture for your reference:

Why choose our shelf panel roll forming machine & Upright Pallet Rack roll forming machine With Hydraulic Punching?
1.Professionally design according to the drawing profile.
2.Size adjustable fully automatic.
3.Panel width could be adjusted easily.
4.Pillar stands design to make sure machine working speed and long time to use.
5.Transmission by gear, working steadier.
6.All the electrical elements are best brand.


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