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pipe/tube Thread Rolling Machine

1.Three-die type Thread Rolling Machine  loading system.

2.High concentricity.

3.Suitable for mass production, saves time and increases work efficiency.

4.Scaffolding thread rolling machine.



Thread Work Range

Max. diameter (mm)

30 60
Min. diameter (mm) 8 15
Max. length (in-feed) (mm) 40 50 70
Max. length (thru feed) Free Free Free
Pitch 0.5-2.5mm 40-11TPI 0.75-3.0mm 32-8TPI 0.75~3.0 mm 32~8TPI

Main. Motor (kw)

1.5 3.75 7.45
Hydraulic motor (kw) 0.75 1.5 5.6
Coolant motor (kw) 0.1 0.1 0.1
Roller Dies


75 125 150
Max.I.D. (mm) 25.4 40 54
Thickness (mm) 20,30,40 25,30,50 70
Spindle distance (mm)


100 200 200
Min. 40 75 75
Output Pcs/min 10-30 6-30 6-30
Floor Space (mm) L x W x H 770 x 1050 x 1150 1050 x 1300 x 1300 1350 x 1300 x 1460
Weight (kgs) N.W/G.W 520 / 570 1200 / 1260
3000 / 3200

Bar/Rod Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine

1.Two-Die Cylindrical Thread Rolling Machine

2.In-feed and thru-feed capability

3.Quick setup.

4.Hydraulically actuated left-hand head

5.Direct drive motor/gearbox assembly

6.AC inverter variable speed spindle drive

7.Round Bar Thread Rolling Machine



ITEM MODEL CF-300 CF-3100 CF-30T(CAM) CF-500 CF-500S



Max.diameter (mm) 25 16 2 50 70
Min. diameter (mm) 6 2 10 6 6
Max.Length (in-feed,mm) 70   28 150 150
Pitch (mm) 0.9-4.0 0.4-1.75 P 0.5-1.5 P 0.9-4.0 0.9-4.0
Workpiece (thru-feed) Max.Diameter (mm) 30 16   60 70
Min. Diameter (mm) 6 2   6 6
Max. Length No limit     No limit No limit
Pitch (mm) 0.9-4.0 0.4-1.75 P   0.9-4.0 0.9-4.0
Die Speed Range 30-60RPM 54 RPM 32 RPM 30-60RPM 15-52RPM
Max. O.D. (mm) 150 100 100 178 190
Bore Diameter (mm) 54 50.5 50.5 54 70
Width (mm) 70 30-40 30 70-150 150
Center distance of Dies spindle Max. (mm) 150 130 115 175 250
Min. (mm) 120 90 94 135 145
Max. Rolling Pressure 20 Tons 4 Tons   40 Tons 40 Tons
Main Spindle Motor 5HP,6P 2HP   10HP,6P 15HP,6P
Hydraulic Motor 5HP 2HP 1HP 7-1/2HP 7-1/2HP
Coolant Pump 1/8HP 1/8HP   1/8HP 1/8HP
Output (pc/min) 6-35 30-50 32 4-35 4-20
Machine Net Weight (Approx :kgs) 1100 480 280 3000 3000
Machine Dimension (LxWxH :mm) 1100x1500x1150 14005x940x910 800x470x730 1870x1580x1320 1980x1560x1700

Thread rolling die


We are highly acknowledged organization engaged in presenting a remarkable range of thread rolling tools, thread roller dies, flat thread rolling dies, thread rolling flat dies, winter thread roll.

We also produce the thread rolling dies for other brands thread rolling machines. Your special specifications and requirements are very welcomed.



1.Easy to fix

2.Optimum performance

3.Quality tested

Application :

1.Suitable for pipes processing.

2.Suitable for connections, artificial lamp electric tubes and the tubes of decorations processing.

3.Material of building.

4.Scaffolding Three Roll Thread Rolling Machine

5.thread forming machine & prop drilling machine

6.Fully Automatic Scaffolding Thread Rolling Machine

7.Scaffolding Pipe Thread Rolling Machine

8.Scaffolding Prop Threading Machine For Prop Nut

automated rebar threading machine

1.This machine threads the ends of rebar used during the construction of buildings and other concrete structures.

2.We supplies a wide assortment of Rebar Threading Machines as per the requirement of the clients. These threading machines, widely used in various industrial applications, are preferred for their better service life and high tensile strength. They are convenient to install and require low maintenance cost.

3. Steel bar (REBAR) thread rolling machine can make thread on rebar end by cold rolling, which will enlarge the strength of the threaded rebar. 
4. Easy operation.



Maximum threading rebars size : 200mm
Maximum Diameter of thread rolled : 40mm
Maximum Diameter cutting : 40mm
Rebar Diameter range of threads rolled : 10-40mm
Range of thread pitch rolled for the rolling screw thread: 1.0P~4.0P
Hydraulic power chuck: 4 inch
Penumatic Pressure 5kg/cm
Rolled thread bit: FETTE [USA] 7118

Hydraulic pump : 5HP
Chip conveyor
Coolant pump: 0.4kw
3 Axis CNC Controller
Dimension ==> W: 1700mm L:1900mm H: 1800mm
Weight: 4000Kg

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