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Tube Plug assembly machine


-A reliable fixation of the threaded sleeve in the pipe (Not welding)

-Nut insert to tube pipe machine (nut and tube assembly machine)

-Assembly and Point Machine for reliable fixation of the threaded sleeve in the pipe.

-tube end with tube inserts  automatic integrat .

-Production Speed: about 3 seconds/pc (WITHOUT loading and unloading the threaded sleeve)
-Suitable Tube length °V 1200mm (MAXIMUM)

-For Rectangle Tube/Round Tube/Circle Tube/Square Tube/Ellipse Tube/Perforation
Major Parts/Components:
- Hydraulic system: 2HP 
- PLC Type Electrical Control Box: 1 set
- Threaded Sleeve Material storage tray
- Threaded Sleeve Auto Vibration Bowl Feeder (£r350mm)
- Tube End Reducing mold: 1 set
- Machine Structure: The machine body is designed with the composite assembly with robust and endurable parts.

Characteristics of the main machine:
- Base is made of high tensile strength steel with precision welded and good rigidity.
- Shaft, mold and all components are manufactured precisely to have long lifetime.
- Efficient design, easy maintenance.

- Standard Tool box : 1 set
- Diagram of Hydraulic System (English Version)
- Electrical circuit diagram (English Version)
- Operation Manual (English Version)

application: furniture






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