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CNC Bend Wire Forming Machine CS-100 NEW



CF-30TT Automatic Forming Machine with Thread Rolling Machine


CF-30T + Thread Rolling Machine

Length of Wire Feeding


Hardness of Wire (CARBON)


Wire Size


Maximum of 6.5mm available

Processing Speed

200 springs per minute

Slide Power


Motor Rating

3HP / 3.7KW



CisFun-CNC-L26T suit all kinds of strips and wires and it can produce all kinds of springs, electron, electric appliances and parts of machine. To use the slide and press to proceed process things. Even parts or spring are complex that CisFun-CNC-L26T process just one time.

It keeps the traditional machines' advantage. It combines with computer and servo. It has been controlled by three axes. So length of wire feeding is unlimited.
CisFun-CNC-L26T's range of production is wide.

Gardening - Flower Stands - Furniture, Gates, Fences


Breed processing Wire Size (Wire Diameter) 0.6-2.5mm
Width of Strip wire 30mm
Thickness of Strip Wire 0.3-1.2mm
Hardness of wire 80(CARBON)
Length of wire Feeding No Limit
Processing Speed 200 pcs/min
Pressure Punching Pressure 8.5 TON
Slide Power 1.5 TON
Processing Type Slide Type 37 mm
Press Processing Type 12 mm
Power Cam Axis 4.5HP(3.5KW)
Feeding Axis 2.0HP(1.5KW)
Press 4.5HP(3.5KW)
Coil Heat 0.5HP(400W)
Machine Appearance Size 2250x780x1800m/m
Weight 2500kg


CisFun-L26T Automatic Modeling Machine that can produce all kinds of electronic spins and parts. Even parts or springs are complex that CisFun-L26T can process ones just one time. Speed is fast.
High precision and less scrap. It suits all kinds of strips and wires.


Length of wire Feeding 200mm
Hardness of wire 80(CARBON)
Wire Size 0.6-2.5mm
Width of Strip wire 30mm
Thickness of Strip Wire 0.3-1.2mm
Punching Pressure 8500kg
Processing Speed 200rpm
Slide Power 1500kg
Motor Rating 5HP/3.7KW
Packing Dimensions 1680x990x1900 m/m
Gross Weight 1500kg

Wire Hanger Machine - Automatic Wire Hanger Making Machine

This is a fully-automated wire hanger making machine that can conduct fast production of different sizes and shapes of wire hangers.
The space needed for the installation of the machine (including main frame and wire feeding stands) is around 7-meter long and 3-meter wide.
Wire Feeding Stand: The stand comes in two kinds, one is FS 1 HP type that has a loading capacity of 300kgs of iron wire and the other is FS 2HP type that has loading capacity of 1,000kgs of iron wire. This wire feeding stand can operate automatically.