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Tube Rolling Coiling Machine

Heavy-duty Hydraulic Boiler Tube Coiling Machine



  • Spiral Rolling Tube Machine

  • Circling Machine

  • pipe Coiling machine


  • Using tube Ø Dia. 88.9mm (or 76.2mm) x 4.5 mm thickness can be rolled 3 (tubes) simultaneously.

  • Tube Diameter: 88.9mm

  • Tube Thickness: 4.5mm

  • Tube coil minimum diameter: 1500mm above.

  • Tube Material: SA 192 / JISG 3462 (Made by Sumitomo Metal Industries Ltd.住友金屬) / equal for Boiler & Heat Exchanger.


  • Boiler and Thermal Oil Heater, coiling the tube to becoming Tube Coil and applied for Thermal Oil Heater.

  • Pressure Vessel Tank & Boiler

  • Oil-Gas: Piping & Various of Storage Tank.



Tube Coiling Machine/Spiral Rolling Machine for tube Ø Dia. 88.9mm (or 76.2mm)

Tube Coiling Machine in HITACHI




Super Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Tube/Profile Rolling Machine




Automatic High Speed Tube/Profile Hydraulic Circle Roller/SPIRAL ROLLING MACHINE




Auto High Speed Hydraulic Circle Roller/Tube-Profile Rolling Machine



  • Angle Bending Rolls
    Circle Tube-Profile Rolling Machine
    Multi-directional Guide Rolls
    Auto Circle Roller Series
    Circularizing Machine


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