CFMX1290 Multi-Function Cutting Edge Machine

MX1290 is our new development machine

Suitable for stone fabrication such as various straight and curved cuttings, or cutting according to interior/exterior figure design. Improved second generation design; emphasize body engineering, a small machine for big works, powerful engine, and lightweight, extremely portable. Easy operation and work finish, speedy stone cutting, installation is quick.

It can do any bevel of stone processing
Do not need to make a professional tool, just using normal grinding cup is fine. 

It is suitable for different stone cutting such as straight line, curve line and internal/external circle. 
It is new design; can grind edge and bevel; has completing function
Emphasize body engineering
Substitute large machine, powerful engine, lightweight and take away is very convenient
Operate is very easy and promote working efficiency



No Load Rev Speed

8500 RPM

Max. Stone Thickness


Diamond Grinding Wheel

External Diameter Under 90mm


44lbs (20kg)