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16 Spindles Double drilling systems (dual column) pipe drilling & threading machine


Threading (tapping) in each hole that is made by drill. This machine can make thread after drilling the hole on the same machine


1. Feeding and Rotation the pipe by the Servo Motor

2. Pipe will be clamped by Hydraulic.

3. Structure: The machine body is designed with the composite assembly with robust and endurable spare parts.

4. With the Coolant Flushing system to cool the drilling tools.

5. Drilling/Threading Motion types (DISTANCE ADJUSTMENT): Holes will be in equal intervals ONLY and it will be in longitudinal and circular (360 deg.)

-Single Drilling Operation

-Regular Interval Drilling. (You can set regular Center to Center distance between holes)

6.Hydraulic System: step-less operation adjustment, hydraulic loops designed with zero load, combined with extremely low frequency oil pump motor, effectively reduced noise, increased motor efficiency and service duration.

7. Whenever the hydraulic cylinder is moving downward, the machine is designed with hydraulic difference driving loops rated at high or low VOLUME. It is also featured with high speed downward moving, low speed processing and hi-speed position resume. It is available to increase the formation stability of work pieces during DRILLING. In addition to increasing the activation speed, it can effectively reduce HP Load to save electrical energy.

8. It is featured with sufficient clamping force of clamping hydraulic cylinders and the position of work pieces is stable and uneasily loose off.


1.  With 8 sets additional Special Design Drilling Spindles (including Hydraulic Motors and Hydraulic Systems)

2.  Suitable for Pipe Length Range (AUTO FEEDER): 12000 mm (Maximum)

3.  Maximum Pipe Diameter: 245mm

4.  Hole pitch is regular

5.  Pipe thickness - 5mm to 13mm

6.  Diameter of holes in the pipe - 8mm to 20mm

7.  Diameter of threading holes - M8 to M20

8.  Distance from beginning of the pipe to the first/last hole - minimum 150mm

9.  With 3 sets SERVO MOTOR SYSTEM for Movement (Feeding)  2 sets Drilling Bases and 1 set for Rotation the pipe

10. There are two set Bases in this machine. 4 sets Drilling Spindles and 4 sets Threading Spindles in one Base. So there are total 16 sets Spindles in this machine.

11. Loading and Unloading the Pipe: by Hoist Manually

Applications :

Oilfield Services Industry