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Automatic tube handling system


  • Automatic Loading and Unloading System


  • Tube Storage Quantity on the Loading Table: 8pcs tubes

  • Automatic Processing Steps:

         1. Loading the raw pipes from Table-A to Slotting Machine

         2. Slotting

         3. Unloading the slotted pipe from Slotting Machine on the Table-B

         4. Loading the slotted pipe from Table-B to DeBurring Machine

         5. DeBurring

         6. Unloading the DeBurring pipe from DeBurring Machine to the Table-C


  • Power: Pneumatic (6 bars)     Number of Tubes: 10~200 Tubes

  • Max Tube OD: 178 mm / 7 inch (for big pipe)

  • Min Tube OD:  25 mm / 1 inch ( for small tube)

  • Max Tube Length: 12000 mm

  • Max Material Capacity:40 pieces (at OD 70 mm) ~ 10 pieces (at OD 178 mm)

  • Loading Time: 3~4 seconds( for small tube) 10~30 seconds(for big pipe)

  • Unloading Time:3~4 seconds( for small tube) 10~30 seconds(for big pipe)

  • Full Cycle Time( for punching small tube of 1 inch) : 7 seconds (from unloading one tube to finish loading the next tube)

  • Full Cycle Time( for drilling 1000 holes of big pipe of 7 inch): about 25 minutes (from unloading one tube to finish loading the next tube)

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