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10 Spindles Multi-Axis Pipe / Drum Drilling Machine (Horizontal Type)    CFPDM-40-7-10S

NC Digital Control Automatic 10-Spindles Tube/Pipe Drilling Machine


1.  Horizontal Type Machine Body

2.  10 set Drilling Spindles (BT 40 Type) in one side

3.  Fixed Pitch between each Drilling Spindles: 1 feet (12 inch= 304.8mm), each pitch can not adjustable.

4.  SERVO MOTOR Rotation Unit with the Manual Type Clamping Chuck (Lathe Type): Suitable Pipe Diameter Range: 4.5~7 inch * 1 set

5.  Pipe Wall thickness from 7mm to 11mm.

6.  Suitable for Pipe Length Range (AUTO FEEDER): 12 METER (Maximum), with the Pipe Supporting Table

7.  The Pipe is moved by SERVO MOTOR in the forward direction and backward direction.

8.  Rotation the pipe by SERVO MOTOR.

9.  Automatic PLC Electrical Control Box: with TFT HMI


1.  Feeding and Rotation the pipe by the Servo Motor: Forward and backward the Pipe is moved by Servo Motor. (The maximum movement distance: 12 METER). Rotation the pipe by Servo Motor

2.  Drilling Hole diameter: 8-12mm, with 1 size only of collet/drill bit holders

3.  API Pipe Material: Carbon Steel, Mild Steel

4.  You can save the DRILLING Programs to the USB DISK, i.e., The quantity of saving the DRILLING PROGRAMs will be unlimited. That will let you manage customer list/drawing file names/project names¡K¡K¡K easier.

5.  Structure: The machine body is designed with the composite assembly with robust and endurable spare parts. The machine body process by Tempering Treatment.

6.  Pipe will be clamped by Chuck.

7.  With the Coolant Flushing system to cool the drilling tools

8.  Drilling Motion types (DISTANCE ADJUSTMENT): Holes will be in equal intervals and it will be in longitudinal and circular (360 deg.)

-Single Drilling Operation.

-Irregular Interval Drilling (You can set irregular Center to Center distance between holes).

9.  Hydraulic System: step-less operation adjustment, hydraulic loops designed with zero load, combined with extremely low frequency oil pump motor, effectively reduced noise, increased motor efficiency and service duration.

Applications :

Oilfield Services Industry