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automatic u bolt making machine



1. One straight line feeding operation direction among multi-stations, such as chamfering, thread rolling, bending. This machine can save operators, working space and loading / un-loading time and create the best benefit.

2. Automatic Loading from the Bar/Stud Storage Tank, then Automatic Move to chamfer both ends at the same time from 1 clamping transferring operation.

3. Bar/Stud Loading and Bar Unloading automatically Clamping from middle of the steel rod supported, and both ends with a special design live clamping threading tools rotate drive. The steel rod no rotate, the threading tools rotate to cut.


Automatic Loading => Chamfering => Double heads Threading => Bending => Automatic Unloading


1.We make the U Bolt Making Forming Machine (Full Automatic Production Line), Double end studs Making Forming Machine, SCREWS and Special-Purpose Hardware Processing Machines / Secondary process machine to Create a New Perspective for the Hardware Industry.

2. SPM for Auto Parts, Stud, Bolt, & Fastener

3. Automatic Movement System: to move the steel rod from Bar Storage Tank to Chamfering Station.

4. Processing Time: about 6~8 seconds/pc

5. Thread Size: M12~M32

6. 1~2 Operators.


APPLICATION : threaded rod for utility pole, Petrochemical Stud Bolts and Nuts





u bolt making and nut assembly machine

stud making marking and

 nut assembly and packaging system

bar stud bolt diameter reducing machine / bar necking machine / pipe necking machine / tube necking machine/threading rolling machine

stud bar chamfering & marking machine

dual sides chamfering machine

nut insert to tube pipe machine

(nut and tube assembly machine)

screw nut bolt washer clinch strux assembly machine


auto multi spindles special tapping machine and packaging system for metal parts /bar/stud /bolt /screw /tube/auto multi spindles bolt / bar / stud / screw / tube drilling machine

bar end /stud /bolt /tube end

slotting grooving cutting machine

auto multi spindles nut tapping machine



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