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pipe Cutting and Multi Spindles Drilling Machine

CF-4000-5AI20Y /  CF-3000D40

-Multi Spindle Drilling Machine - 40 Spindles (Horizontal Type)

-Combined with Special Design Advanced Type Mild Steel Tube Cold Saw Machine

-for torque Tube & D tube & scaffolding

- Full automatic Loading and Unloading System

-can be combined with tube end forming machine ( tube end reducing machine/ tube end expanding machine /tube swaging machine)  MORE 



- Production Line: Full Automatic Cutting and Multi Spindles Drilling Machine

- Equipped With Auto Loading and Unloading Systems

- 40 Horizontal Spindle Heads (20 Heads at Every Heads)

- Length Of Automatic Tube Loading System : 7.5 Meters

- Length Of Automatic Unloading System : 3 Meters

- Dimension of Tube : 48x2.5mm

- Suitable for square torque tube 100*100*2.3 mm   MORE


Automatic Hydraulic Multi Spindle Drilling Machine - 40 Spindles (Horizontal Type)

With 20 drilling heads on the left side and 20 drilling heads on the right side, total 40 drilling heads on the same machine

Tube Material: Carbon steel

Tube Size: 48mm

Hole pitch ( Hole Centre Distance) is regular/fixed spaces : 100mm

Tube thickness: 2.5mm

Diameter of hole Size on the Tube - 14 ~ 16mm. [Note: this quotation including 1 type of drill bit]

Loading and Unloading the Pipe: Full automatic

Full Automatic Cutting Machine

Basic machine

Hydraulic system

PLC control system

HSS saw blades 300x 30x 32 x1 piece

Feeding rack

Tool box

Output rack



fencing / rail

poultry, hen, swine house / structure, hen house; roost; hennery, poultry house

Torque tubes are widely used on solar panel tracking systems.

Torque Tube for Solar Panel System solar torque tube manufacturing machines

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