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Automatic Production for

-Tube drilling

-Tube flowdrill

-Tube punching

-Tube tapping

-Tube cutting

-Tube deburring

-Tube welding

model: CF-6-FTDCW-BS


office furniture, gym equipment, medical equipment, machine building and automotive.



1. NC multi purpose for tube drilling + flowdrill + punching + tapping + cutting + deburring + welding machine

2. Flow drilling head & tapping head for M5 and M6 and M8 + Drilling Head for Diameter 9mm

3. Suitable round tube diameter range: 33.7 - 48.3mm x2mm stainless steel tube and the Square Tube Size: 40x40mm

4. Suitable for Maximum Tube Length (Auto Feeder): 6 meters

5. With SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) System: AUTOMATION "THE PROVIDER OF PROFESSIONAL COMPUTERISED CONTROL APPLICATIONS AND EFFICIENT AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS IN ENGINEERING" è Line will communicate with operator, it will not happen crash during process. SCADA system is for remote monitoring and remote control that operates with coded signals over communication channels (using typically one communication channel per remote station). We can check and trouble shooting this line from Taiwan by internet.

6. You can input the program on Excel.

7. With Sensor for broken tools.

8. Cooling for drilling & tapping spindle.


1. Automatic Device Coolant Oil for the Drilling Bit

2. High yields

3. Suitable for Round Tube and Square Tube

4. Servo Motor with speed and distance adjustment with your specified tool

5. Forward and Backward the tubes is moved by Servo Motor on the Linear Guideway.

6. You can save Drilling/Tapping Programs in the Memory.

7. Machine Structure: The machine body is designed with the composite assembly with robust and endurable spare parts.

8. Drilling Motion types (Distance Adjustment Available):/Single Drilling Operation

9. Irregular Interval Drilling {Unfixed/Variable Pitch): You can set irregular C/C [Center to Center] distance (spacing) between holes{

10. Regular Interval Drilling {Fixed/Constant Pitch): You can set regular C/C  [Center to Center] distance (spacing) between holes}

11. Our machine is adopted with servo motor driving devices and the feed-in and receiving speed can be set to high speed and high precision to enhance the productivity.

12. Instruction manuals and documents in English language


1. Main Machine:  With 1 set flowdrilling Spindle (Left) + 1 set tapping unit (Right) + 1 set drilling unit (Top).

2. Automatic Tube Feeding Function by NC Control

3. Servo Motor in the Automatic Tube Feeding System

4. Special Design Advanced Type Stainless Steel Tube Cold Saw Machine

5. Back Pulling System

6. Electrical Control Box with PLC

7. IPC

8. Barcode System

9. Welding station


Railing, Fencing, Gates, Handrail, Balconies, Stainless Steel Baluster Post, Baluster Post Inox

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